Meet Some Of Our Horses



Hi, let me tell you a secret, Ele might be the queen, but I am the KING of the barn. My name is Guapo, and that means handsome in Spanish! My dad was brought to the USA from Spain before I was born, and I guess he was a big deal! I think I am a big deal too -- I have a son in the barn, his name is Mister, and after he was born, I got sick. I developed allergies to pretty much everything horses should not be allergic to. I am allergic to cats, some types of grass, oats, corn, flies, small bugs, well you get the idea! Sometimes you will see me all covered up in "fly gear" so I don't get eaten by bugs, it's ok, I like it! I also have a fan on my stall year-round so I don't have to itch! Mom keeps me on a special medication in the summer that makes me more comfortable too! I love to do my job and take care of kids! I never though I wanted to be a lesson horse, but I really like it!!



I think you should all know that I am German! My name means Hunter, because my real name is Fortune Hunter. I am just a baby, but I have begun doing a few lessons. I am busy learning the ropes so I can be a strong part of the program here. I get to do some really cool things, like hang out in the arena during lessons so I can watch. I also get to spend a lot of time with people who are scared. I stand really well to be groomed, and not much scares me, even though I am young. They keep telling me what an awesome therapy horse I will be in another year. I am excited because I am the tallest horse in the barn so I can do hard work!



Hi, my name is Sky. I have been at LifeHorse for a very long time, and I have a son (Mister) and a daughter (Dotado) who also work here! I was a very fancy show horse when I was younger, but I am 24 now. In my retirement, I teach many kids to ride, and I work more with the kids who are progressing and getting ready to show. They all say I can sure teach someone how to ride! I take pride in that because I am not very easy to maneuver, but if you ask me correctly, I will do it right, every time. I guess I just want to make everyone do it right! I think they like me because I will push people, but I would never hurt anyone.


Hello, I am Hunter. Apparently everyone at LifeHorse loves me, I am not sure why. I am pretty plain, and I am not built perfectly, but I do have good manners! I think that really helps me to be popular. I am not too big and not too small, so I guess that makes me JUST RIGHT! I was a fancy show horse when I was young, but I got hurt in my stall a while back. I don't know what happened but I was rolling one minute and the next minute my leg was hung in my bars. By the time someone found me, I was almost dead. The vet said I would be lucky if I lived through it, and I would probably never be able to be ridden again. He also said my jumping career was over. That put me on a mission to prove him WRONG! I am proud to say I not only work 6 days a week, but I JUMP! I made a full recovery that everyone called a miracle.


I am Mister and I am the only horse in the barn who can say that both their mom and their dad are here too! Guapo is my dad and Sky is my mom! I guess that makes little Dotado my half-sister, but don't tell her that - it will go to her head! I am working on being a fancy show horse so some of our participants can go to bigger shows, but I really just like hanging out at home and playing with people. I am what they call a people horse, I would rather be with people than horses. I guess that is because when I was young I got hurt a lot -- I was clumsy. I cut my foot open when I was 3 days old, then as a yearling I got myself kicked in the knee, the next year I coliced and had to be hospitalized, then they found out I have encapsulated bone chips in BOTH of my front ankles. Oh well - I am tough and the vet says it doesn't hurt me at all (I know it doesn't hurt, but I like the attention of making people think there is something wrong with me - they feed me more treats that way!!).


Hi! I am Bound and Determined GSF, but my friends call me Deeter! I got my name because I had a serious injury the day I was born and really hurt one of my back legs. I lived in a stall for a YEAR and they didn't know if I was going to be sound enough to ride ever. I beat all of the odds, and I am currently showing dressage and I jump! I am a stallion, so I really don't get ridden by the kids at LifeHorse, but I still have a very important job. I put the LIFE in LifeHorse. You see, I am bred to really nice mares all over the country, and the money they pay to breed to me goes into the LifeHorse bank account to help pay for grain and stuff for the other horses. They call me the LifeHorse mascot, I think it is because I am so pretty, err.. HANDSOME! I am very gentle for a stallion, probably because I was handled every day when I was little, so I like for the kids to brush me and ride me sometimes, but it is a very special treat for those kids (and for me, shhhh don't tell anyone I like it!).


I am Lakota, and I was part of a rescue case in 2012. I was in a paddock with mud knee deep and no hay or grass. When the nice people at LifeHorse picked me up, they told the kids not to get attached to me because I may not live. I had so much fungus in my feet that I literally fell on top of Ms. Stacy when she was leading me. She didn't let ANYONE handle me for 8 months! We finally got rid of the fungus, then we found out that I had torn a muscle in my back from being in all that mud! I had special laser treatment for that and got put on some supplements to help with my muscles and tendons. I am doing really great now and am even starting to give lessons. I am really popular because I am a Paint/Pinto and I have one blue eye and one black eye! Mom says I am out of the woods and is letting more people get attached to me now! I am so glad they saved me!



Being Dotado is special - Dotado means gifted, and I think I am! Almost everyone around here has something they specialize in, I specialize in being cool! Lucky for me, my mom, Sky, keeps me in line because they say I would have a big head if she didn't! I am fun to ride, and they say I am really smooth, so I guess my real specialty is that I work with people who have back issues or muscling issues because I am so comfortable to ride! I also have A LOT of hair, so I love to be brushed and have it styled!


My name is The Dominator, but don't let it fool you, I am Domi to everyone here, and I like it that way. I have had a very successful show career and once had a little girl of my own. She grew up and did the right thing for me, she sent me to LifeHorse where I could make so many kids happy! I am a 3/4 brother to Hajji, but we are nothing alike! I love to jump, but I suffered a leg injury in 2011 that sent me to Kentucky to have an MRI done, then in May 2012 I hurt my leg again, that was caused by some kids shooting fireworks when I was loose in the arena. I spent six months on stall rest, then three months of just turn-out. I am finally back to work and doing great, but no jumping yet! I have one of the lucky stalls I can hang my head out of because I do not like to be stalled! It also make sit easier to beg for treats when people walk by! Yes, I love food!!!



Yes, I was named after Bob Seger, we are both Michigan born, so it is appropriate! I am also a cool, rock and roll type! I have long blonde hair that the little girls love to braid. I also get painted for birthday parties because I am easy to reach! I am small, but I wasn't supposed to be. I contracted lung worms when I was at my breeder as a baby. Because of that, I really didn't grow. It's okay, I am perfect for my job here! I also have a diagnosis of Kissing Spines, so I can't be ridden anymore, but I line drive, can do halter, showmanship, and did I mention I LOVE to be groomed???