About LifeHorse

LifeHorse has several programs. There is the basic therapy program, which we refer to as LifeHorse, and there is Horses4Heroes, which for our service members, veterans, survivors, First Responders and their immediate families, as well as other heroes in our communities including, but not limited to, nurses, special needs teachers, and others who service and sacrifice keep us safe and free.
  • LifeHorse is a year-round premier therapeutic riding program in Orange, VA. We bring joy and results with the most effective therapy that kids want to do.
  • LifeHorse seeks to enrich and change the lives of children and adults with disabilities through the extraordinary benefits of therapeutic riding and related equine-assisted activities.
  • At LifeHorse, regardless of the participant's individual capabilities, they are allowed to explore, learn and find what makes them happy in the barn, even if that means bonding with a cat who happens to wander by.  After all, LifeHorse is about finding something to LIVE for, not just about a horse.
  • To learn more about Horses4Heroes, visit: http://horses4heroes.org/